Tarot Reader

What is a Tarot Reader?

To answer that question you need to understand why a tarot reader is able to predict what is happening in your life.   A tarot reader is not the same as as a psychic although frankly I don’t like to use that word – clairvoyant is my preferred term – a person that can connect to the spirit world.

First let me say we can almost ALL connect to spirit and it is a question of degree and accuracy as to whether someone deserves to be called a clairvoyant or psychic.  When you contact a tarot reader the first thing you should ask is whether they consider themselves clairvoyant or psychic.  If they don’t seem to have a clear understanding then take great care.

So, what is a tarot reader?  The cards themselves have a certain universal energy, connectected to a collective consciousness.  With that in mind, basically anyone can be or become a tarot reader.  The real question is one of interpretation.  If someone has a strong connection to the spirit world they will be accurate.  It’s often the case that tarot readers say they are psychic and not connected as a clairvoyant medium would be, but they aren’t always aware.  At the oposite end of the scale some very good tarot readers are able to read the cards and read people as well.  With a little feedback from you they can give a very accurate reading.

So it depends what you are looking for.  Some people guard against “feeding” the reader and most say it’s wrong or a sham but if all you want is an accurate reading then there is nothing wrong with that.  Just guard against those that are doing it for the wrong reasons, and that’s usually money!!!