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What are Spiritual Healers?

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Spiritual healing is about finding a connection to something outside the physical realm, whether that be your god and all that entails or nowadays the spirit world and it’s universal energy that come in many forms. Spiritual healing or the ‘laying on of hands’, is one of the oldest there is. It dates far back into ancient times, when spiritual healers amongst the Greeks, Chinese and Egyptians all used it to treat all kinds of diseases.

If you have difficulty finding a spiritual healer in your area try locating you nearest spiritualist church. For those looking for a spiritual healer for non-physical reasons, consider the past-life theories: Our life plans are designed to heal certain energies left unresolved from our prior lifetimes. These include judgment (of self or others), blame (of self or others), anger, guilt, and many other such negative emotions. If we complete lifetimes with these emotions still present in our consciousness, they become like residue on our souls. Our souls will then seek to transmute such emotions by planning (or in some cases, being almost reflexively drawn into) lives that reflect these emotions back to us so we may address them. That which remains unhealed from one lifetime must be healed in another.