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Carole Mabboux, Enfield, London EN2 0RQ
07986 433141

Susan Toomey, Croydon, Addiscombe, London CR0 6QW
07882 327275, 02084 070042

Tina Crowley, Worcester Park, London KT4 8TJ

Spiritual Healers Clackmannanshire

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Covering the following areas in Clackmannanshire: Bagillt, Birkenhead, Buckley, Chester, Deeside, Ellesmere Port, Flint, Holywell, Mold, Neston, Prenton, Wallasey, Wirral

Spiritual Healers in  Clackmannanshire

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Numerology and Health

Looking into Numerology for health begins with the core emotional issues you may find yourself grappling with, which can in turn manifest in ongoing or recurring physical concerns.

“The Number Twenty Six reversed represents the end of rows, arguments, conflict, fighting and disagreements. It signifies ending struggles, finding common ground or solutions, reaching agreements, compromise, cooperation, peace and harmony. This minor card reversed can also represent battle fatigue, fear of confrontation, shyness, suppressing your temper and feeling intimidated. Cooperation, control, focus and order may be possible when it appears in your reading. Alternatively, it can represent all-out war, looking for an argument, extreme aggression and having a short fuse. It can also signify sports events being cancelled.”,

“This is a great time to try a new health care approach, especially preventative care. Exercise, eating well, and making sure that you get enough sleep are all common sense approaches that you can revisit now with great success. You may stumble across health information that is very helpful. Don’t hesitate to try a new healer or to seek a second opinion now, if you need that. Health looks promising.”,

“The reversed Number Forty Nine can indicate a tendency to be cavalier when it comes to spiritual seeking. It’s important to think for yourself, and explore for your own self, when he appears. Don’t follow a flock, and above all, think deeply many, many times, before making major life changes to, say, join an ascetic spiritual community in Tibet when you’ve never previously left the country. If that’s where your spirit calls you, that’s fine, but be cautious. Take one step at a time. There is no need to hurry. You might repent hasty decisions made on the basis of a short-lived ‘spiritual’ insight or because of a charismatic spiritual ‘leader.'”,

Full List of areas covered on our Clackmannanshire Spiritual Healers Readers page:

Alloa, Alva, Cambus, Clackmannan, Coalsnaughton, Devonside, Dollar, Dollarbeg, Forest Mill, Kennet, Menstrie, New Sauchie, Pool of Muckhart, Tillicoultry, Tullibody, Yetts o’Muckhart