Are Ouija Boards Safe?

Ouija Board Safe?
Is it safe?

I am probably going to get shot down in flames for this, including from some of my very good friends, but in my opinion it is safe. The only danger is from unstable or excitable/nervous people that allow themselves to get drawn in by the drama of what is largely a parlour game for those with no real experience of contacting the spirit world.

Clairvoyance – Safe Spirit Connection

Using latest examples, we have both sides of the coin to look at.  In one instance a man in 2017 in the Colombian town of Buenaventura, a 27-year-old man downloaded a ouija board app to play with his mobile phone, and since then he claims to be possessed by a devil who communicated with him through Ouija board.  Absolute bullshit in my opinion.  When the game was played by many young girls of 8, (note the age and sex for some strange reason) there was a claim that 40% were possessed, and for some reason it seems the catholic church were in control for  the most part.

Now I would be the first to say it is a REALLY stupid idea to let 8 year olds play at connecting to spirit in ANY form, especially unsupervised, so what on earth was going on there then?  Why would their parents buy them a game like that and who releases that kind of game for children? And I would dearly love to know how many of them are still “possessed“.

However, despite my views, this type of activity (parlour games to connect to spirit) whether via a ouija board or not, is not a good idea.  No I don’t believe the devil can come and get you nor do I think spirits can physically harm you, BUT there are mischief makers in spirit just like there are on earth.  Most of us would have our way of dealing with jokers that go too far and sensible people are quite capable of doing the same with spirits – “please go away“, then “I insist you go away” then if need be “piss off I am getting angry now” or whatever version with or without the language you would use for earthly nuisances.

But the moral of the story is that connecting to spirit is not a parlour game so if you can’t handle it without being a drama queen then don’t do it!!!  If you want to develop your psychic powers then find a circle or church that can help you do it properly and with basic common sense.