My Spiritual Journey

*** NEW ***  Spiritscopes   Daily Horoscopes with the spirit archetype deck.  Try the 13th Zodiac system with out new Ophiuchus Horoscope

Use the traditional 12 sign astrological system for you daily spiritscope reading with the cards linked to your star sign and your choice from the deck.  Or go modern style with the 13 zodiac signs including Ophiuchus the Serpent which changes the dates for each start sign.

Decide for yourself which is more accurate for you.  Almost always inaccurately called the 13th Zodiac sign, Ophiuchus comes between  Scorpio and Sagittarius, thus all the dates differ.  The first and last dates of your new star sign typically overlap so you may wish to try both to determine which is most accurate for your nature but expect a blend of the two if you are on the cusp.