Finished – yay – Our free angel love reading from the new 78 card deck.  No registration or email needed.

Also ready Daily Angel Affirmations – I’d appreciate some feedback please everyone and some idea about what you would like to see next.

The first free readings are done and we went with what you have all been asking for: Angel Love Readings – guidance and in depth readings, totally free, on the subject of love, romance and relationships.  You can also try out  our Past Life Angel Reading.

One thing you need to be aware of though.  If you are waiting for all sweetness and light, pure love and understanding, that would be a rather pointless exercise.  If you truly believe that you can call on individual angels who will come and pat you on the head and tell you it’s a love match, he didn’t cheat on you, he will come running back, he will ask you to marry him or whatever you need a reading for, you might be better looking elsewhere.  Just finished – Who is my Guardian Angel? Quiz

Angel Reading LoveYes I believe that angels are looking over us and they will help and guide with all sorts of things including our love problems.  However you need to understand about archetypal energies when it comes to card readings.  There is no way there are 78 angels lined up and waiting to advise you on your love life every time someone wants to pick a card.  Anyone that gives you that impression is simply going to ask you to part with money somewhere down the line.

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However the cards have archetypal energies traits and characteristics that belong to each card/angel that can be attributed to circumstances and situations whether that be love, family, health and so on.  So approach your free angel love reading with an open mind and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

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Just bear in mind that EVERY single picture you ever saw in a book or online is absolutely NOT a picture of that particular angel.  None of us have ever seen these angels, even those who profess to have seen them in a vision, whether they genuinely believe that or not, cannot really know what they look like.  I honestly believe that our spirit guides, whether specific individuals or not, are a collective consciousness a universal energy, and angels or not, they will show themselves to us in whatever form we can take in the hope that we move on with our spiritual path.

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