Psychic Development Circle Derby

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Derby Central Spiritualist Church, 2a Forester St, Derby, DE1 1PN
Tel. 07973 844358

Derby Central Spiritualist Church, 2A Forester Street

Derby Charnwood Spiritualist Church, 18 Charnwood Street, Derby
Tel: 07434 128670

June Field

June works around Dundee and has read for many celebrities including: Toyah Willcox, Emmerdale cast members and Vicki Gulvanson (Housewives of Orange County)
“The loss of a loved one does not mean the end. The essence of my Spiritual Process is to work towards transforming any experience of grief and in partnership with Spirit, enable them to see the view from the other side of the bridge.”
June received the title of “Worlds Greatest Psychic” after battling with 70,000 psychics worldwide in a 7 month reality TV show filmed in Kiev that aired to millions worldwide… she took over 54% of the overall votes to gain her title!
Quoted as “Worlds Greatest Psychic” after participating in and winning “International Battle of the Psychics” where over 70,000 Psychic Mediums from all over the world took part.
Tel: 01667 456377
Psychic Development Circle Derby

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Psychic Development Circle Derby

This page is part of our development circles directory for Derby. If you weren’t looking for a psychics course or development circle in Derby please use the search at the bottom of the page. In the meantime, we have some amazing books that may help if you want to know more about becoming a medium. Please see below.

Here are some extracts from a few of my favorites

Psychic Development for Beginners. The Secrets to Unlocking Your Psychic Ability. Grace Loveman Click to Buy the Book!

Development for Beginners: Place your index finger on the energy center you have chosen. Start moving it around in a circular motion, paying careful attention to the feelings that arise. After doing this for a couple of seconds, take your index finger off the energy center but continue sensing the same feelings you experienced while your finger was drawing the circles (try to keep your feelings isolated to the specific energy center you were initially touching). This process of ‘feeling’ touch sensations through only the use of your mind is referred to as tactile manipulation.

Books to help develop your powers as a circle

Development for Beginners: Ka: This is what was considered to be a person’s ‘double,’ also referred to as an ‘astral projection.’ After death, the Ka would linger on inside the tomb, inhabiting either the person’s body or in some cases, a statue of the deceased. The Ka was regarded as being independent, however, so it could freely move around. There was a duality that existed within the Ka, with it consisting of a higher, guardian angel-like Ka, and a lower Ka, which resulted from knowledge that had been ascertained on earth.

Development for Beginners: Dr. Virtue has appeared as a guest on numerous talk-shows, including Oprah, The View, Donny & Marie, Good Morning America, and Roseanne. She has also been featured in many notable newspaper and magazine publications, such as Woman’s Day, Miracles, Bridal Trends, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, The Boston Globe, and Shape. Furthermore, Dr. Virtue is the host of a call-in online radio show, which you can find on Hay House Radio.

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