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Life Path Number Calculator
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Like your zodiac sign, your life path number can provide information about your personality and traits. In theory all you need are the numbers and letters in your birth date and name.  However, I personally do not believe your name has any place in numerology and this page uses other methods.

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Likewise, you will probably appreciate, that like astrology, we may fit into 1 of 12 number of zodiac signs, so it is with life path numbers. It is very unlikely that we will belong in the same 1 to 9 group ALL the time.

This free Life Path Number calculation simply asks you to choose a sequence of numbers, followed by your reaction to the words those numbers call forward. It takes 5 or so minutes and you will then get instant answers.

There are no right and wrong answers and it’s important you don’t overthink it, in fact you should barely think at all. In the second part of the reading you will be asked to ‘mark your response to certain words or phrases, 0 to 5.  Zero is something that means nothing to you, 5 you can fully relate in some way.  Why something calls to your conscious (or subconscious) is irrelevant. You will answer between 30 and 50 responses to get your reading and it should take 3 to 4 minutes.  If it takes much longer then you are overthinking.

At the end you will get your Life Path Number and your numerological archetype number, thus getting a much more rounded picture of your life right now.