Instant Angel Health Reading 1 Card

Work with the Angels for Guidance & Inspiration on the subject of health, sickness and wellbeing.

  • Think of  question you would like help with and then meditate on this for a few moments, asking the Angels for their help.
  • Pick a card.
  • The angel that comes for you may not seem relevant to your health, wellbeing or fitness but look closer.
  • This Angel and the energies around it will help you.
  • The words may give you a clue as to which way to go or you may just like to choose an Angel to be with you through the day.
  • Select one card then click it once it turns over.

Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Encyclopedia: The ANGELS OF MERCY stand on his right and the ANGELS OF PEACE stand on his left. There are two scribes and a host of higher angels, the SERAPHIM and OPHANIM. The judgment book is made half of fire and half of flame. When God opens it, the angels of destruction immediately go out to execute his punishment with his unsheathed sword. Two of them, Za’afiel (ZAAPIEL) and Simkiel, take the souls of the wicked to SHEOL. The souls who are ‘intermediate’—that is, they have some redeeming qualities—are purified there by Simkiel. The condemned are taken by Za’afiel

Development for Beginners: Another way to promote eye-health is to take vitamin B supplements to fortify your eyes. USDA research suggests that the least amount of eye-clouding or blurriness (direct measures of cataract risk) occurs in people who have high intakes of riboflavin, thiamin, and vitamin B.

Angel Insights : Your guardian angels want you to enjoy yourself, and more specifically they want you to mark those special moments that don’t happen every day: birthdays, anniversaries, work projects that get the green light, graduations, new homes, sobriety milestones, fitness or other health and healing milestones. Celebrating these benchmarks means acknowledging the important relationships and projects your soul came here for. So celebrating is actually serious, sacred, important spiritual work.

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