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How do you know if a tarot reader is accurate?  Well apart from reputation, ie feedback back from many many querants n(the person getting the reading), there is really no way to tell.  If you are looking at reviews online then just remember it is very easy to fake a small number of reviews but not so easy to influence a larger number.

Even a genuine tarot reader can depend partially on who comes with you.  And by that I don’t mean your best mate, I mean you spirit guides, and that can be anyone in the spirit world from your granny to your great great aunt who you never met and so on.

Tarot Reading

Every true  tarot reader will work differently.  The cards come with an energy of their own.  There is a certain skill in remembering what each card means, and even more in learning how they fit together.  Then beyond that, some tarot readers are very good at reading people.  There is nothing wrong with any of that if the end result is an accurate reading.

However, the best reading will be from a good clairvoyant medium who can connect to their spirit guides and to yours as well as understanding the cards.  Unfortunately the really good tarot readers don’t really need the cards so it’s very hard to find that but always ask the question – are you clairvoyant?  One of the best ways to get an accurate tarot reading is to find a reader that has been working for spirit for a long time, someone that demonstrates at spiritualist services which are unpaid.  That way at least you know their heart is in the right place!

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