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We all have guardian angels who help us make the most of our earthly journey by sending us signs, one common one being repeating numbers. Angels speak to us using synchronicity, which means that we see something over and over again, more than mere coincidence.

Angel numbers work alongside numerology, so each number is connected to a certain vibrational energy or frequency that has meaning beyond its sheer numeric value, serving as a thumbs up, or occasionally a thumbs down, to continue along the path you’re currently on.

All Angel Numbers have Meanings!

Angelos is a Greek word that means messengers. Angels are therefore considered to be messengers of God, the universe or the creator. Angels exist on energy levels or in spiritual realms. They have powers and blessings greater than any human. They connect us with god and god from us. God created them for us.

Angels are loving and caring beings that want only the best things for you. When your angels are sending you messages you can be sure that they are trying to show you how you can make your life better. Angels send us their guidance in many different forms so keep your mind open and you will be able to tune into the guidance that the angels are sending you in many ways.

Intuition: If you see angel numbers but feel unsure, trust your gut and listen to your heart. No, they won’t tell you how to land your dream job or how to get your ex back, but what they will do is offer guidance to inspire you when you consider decisions and pathways to take in life.
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Our number meaning index is below. Unique numbers not in our database can be evaluated by –

  • 3 digits – add all 3 together
  • 4 digits – add the sum of the 1st 2 to the sum of the last 2
  • 5 digits – add all 5 together
  • 6 digits – sum the 3 pairs and add all 3 together

The Meaning of Angel Numbers – and How to Interpret Them