Seeing a Time Meaning

Our guides and spiritual guardians will often try and make contact at a specific time although sometimes the time itself has no meaning other than to catch our attention.  Let’s work with an example so we can understand it’s meaning easily.


Any variation of numbers that reminds you of a time, if it occurs often enough to catch your attention is likely to be a request from the spirit world for you to set aside time for their contact.  They understand how hard it is for us to be ‘open’ all the time.

Taking 909, 0909 as an example, we should assume this references the number 9, not that they (or the event) will arrive on the dot at 9 minutes past nine in the morning, so basically looks for signs, signals or spirit contact between 9am and 10am.  Remember it is just a guide not an exact science.  Of course the number 9 can still refer to its numerology meaning(s) alone or could be nothing at all as regards time once its done its job and caught your attention.

With times that cover your normal sleeping times, you can expect it to refer to an approximate time during your dream state.  Our most receptive time is just starting or ending a rem cycle which generally go in 90 minute cycles.  You may want to delay your time of sleeping to hit the time you keep seeing, especially if you have trouble remembering your dreams.