Angel for the Day

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There are many different types of Angels on the Other Side so when your Spirit Guide sees that you are in need (if you have not asked for them already), they will call in Angels. They know which Angels to call upon and how many to bring in. Just like Spirit Guides, Angels have different jobs, so it is helpful that your Spirit Guide knows which ones to call upon. Your guide can also go to the higher realms of Angels in order to request help to intervene with your life chart if necessary. Spirit Guides do not have the authority to intervene with your charts, but Angels do.

Guide for Beginners:

Angel for the Day
Choose an Angel
    • Begin by focusing on a particular issue you may need help with
    • If you just want an angel to be with you for the day just clear your mind of all daily trivia
    • When you are ready, select a card.
    • Mentally describe the card as if you were chatting to an interested friend
    • Don’t analyze just say what you see from the card
    • If you have any sudden thoughts, jot them down.
    • Next look at the given meanings. Do any of these relate to your current life or something you want the angels help with?
    • Later in the day, reflect on the card and ask yourself again.
    • If the angel you chose for the day didn’t answer your question, try drawing another or wait for tomorrow.
    • Remember that practice is key to interpreting One-Card Angel Readings