Repeating Numbers

Repeated Numbers

Repeating Numbers

When you see or hear the same number repeatedly, it’s fairly safe to assume that number is a primary number for you to look at first.  HOWEVER, after 77 it gets a little more complicated and especially when it becomes a time pattern, see below. Unique numbers not in our database can be evaluated by –

  • 3 digits – add all 3 together
  • 4 digits – add the sum of the 1st 2 to the sum of the last 2
  • 5 digits – add all 5 together
  • 6 digits – sum the 3 pairs and add all 3 together

Number Meanings. A full set of numbers with links to their meanings.


Repeating Patterns

See Waking up at Meanings and also See Seeing a Time Meanings for more information