If you have arrived here looking for mathematics solutions or help with your maths homework, then I am afraid you are out of luck.  This section off our Pathway site is devoted to the use of numbers in a spiritual, psychic or mystical way.  OK the lotto numbers are a bit of a push but hey – it’s as good a way to pick them as any.  Let me know if you win.




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Want to know the winning lottery numbers?

The chances of being the lucky winner of some of the games that deal the most millions are so small that it is thousands of times more likely to die in a car accident. A friend once told me that the lottery is the tax of ignorance – the jury is still out on that for me.  I’m not entirely sure why. I like to think that people are buying hope and better that than drugs, booze cigarettes etc.. If you spend a little in hopes of winning big, it’s an inexpensive and harmless way to stay optimistic.  So even up the odds a little and click below!