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Dispelling the Barnum Effect in Angel Card Readings

Free Angel ReadingsThe confidence that we have in tarot, angel cards, horoscopes etc. is often are based on the Barnum or Forer effect, which says that we tend to accept as personal things that are so general that they can be applied to many. Tarot readers that use this technique aim to convince the client that they can see their future.  You can read my views on this here

So the question is are Angel Readings also based on the Barnum/Forer effect? Are the descriptions of the cards so general as to be meaningless. The idea of guardian angels has always been a popular one, and there’s probably a time in everyone’s life when they stop and think somebody must be watching over them…or at least a time when they hope that somebody is. Although the idea of a guardian angel close by has an extremely personal feel to it for many of us, it’s actually a universal notion, and it’s been around for thousands of years. Also, if you look back through some of the world’s most prominent religions, there’s plenty to suggest that we each have one after all.Love Reading

The deck we use for our free angel readings is 78 cards.  Each angel can come reversed or upright. You choose 3 cards, for example our angel love reading.  Each angel card has 20 to 30 possible meanings attached to it.  So do the math, 3 x 78 x 2 x 25 equals well over 10,000 possibilities.  In addition, many of our free angel readings come with affirmations that are relevant to your personal life, that could be about love, money, family and so on.  So now ho many possibilities for being right or wrong?

Bottom line?  If you aren’t sure try a free angel love reading, one of out most popular and see if you feel it’s accurate for you.  The odds are massively against it if you believe the barnum effect – decide for yourself!