Instant Angel Work Reading 1 Card

Work with the Angels for Guidance & Inspiration on the subject of work, job or career.

  • Think of  question you would like help with and then meditate on this for a few moments, asking the Angels for their help.
  • Pick a card.
  • The angel that comes for you may not seem relevant to work/job/career but look closer.
  • This Angel and the energies around it will help you.
  • The words may give you a clue as to which way to go or you may just like to choose an Angel to be with you through the day.
  • Select one card then click it once it turns over.

Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Insights : Every angel is capable of sprinkling mercy and grace over a situation or person, but there exists a specific group of helper angels who are dedicated to missions of mercy. Angels cannot always spare you from a physical, emotional, or spiritual wound, but an angel of mercy can dress that wound and speed its healing. Angels cannot always help you avoid a path of challenges and obstacles, but angels of mercy can walk beside you and lay rose petals down in front of your next steps.

Complete Book of Tarot: When upright, the Moon suggests that circumstances may be elusive, unclear, confusing, fluctuating, or unsteady at this time. The Moon has a dark side, always hidden from human view. Individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol can cause problems. Important information may have been misunderstood or may not yet be within your grasp. Unseen influences may be at work, and matters are likely to look different in the light of day. You may be in one phase of a cycle, and only with the passage of time will the next phase reveal itself. Don’t jump to conclusions or act on impulse. Be sure you have accurate and verifiable information before making a major decision.

Complete Book of Tarot: 8. Hod. Glory. Spendor. Intellect. Career. Communication. Writing. Science. Reason. Mental factors. Associated with the planet Mercury. Are you thinking rationally and strategically about the best course of action? With whom do you need to communicate? Have you checked all the facts and gathered sufficient evidence? Are you expressing yourself clearly?

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