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All these quizzes are part quiz part psychic reading using cards.

Tarot Readings

7 Tricks Psychic Readings Bullshit People With

free-psychic-reading-quizI have been reading this crap, again!!!  So here is my viewpoint.  Yes of course there are people that scam others by offering psychic readings when they they have no ability at all and know that.  There are also way too many offering readings who call themselves psychics and really shouldn’t.  Although they mean well their skills and knowledge are limited and these people really should not be charging money for it. However most of them have ‘some’ skill and have good intentions when they work in person and to decry the whole subject is not on. Take teachers for example, some are good, some not so good and some dreadful.  Do we say don’t educate our kids because of it? No, we just try and find a good school. So please just hear me when I say if you are getting a psychic reading of any description online, please don’t pay for it.  If there is no human interaction then they shouldn’t be charging you, no matter how good they are!  Rant over.


Psychic Horoscopes with Spirit Guides

Psychic Horoscopes

ARIES :   March 21 – April 20
TAURUS :   April 21 – May 21
GEMINI :   May 22 – June 21
CANCER :   June 22 – July 23
LEO :   July 24 – August 23
VIRGO :   August 24 – September 23
LIBRA :   September 24 – October 23
SCORPIO :   October 24 – November 22
SAGITTARIUS :   November 23 – December 21
CAPRICORN :   December 22 – January 20
AQUARIUS :   January 21 – February 19
PISCES :   February 20 – March 20