Free Psychic Lottery Numbers

The cards are shuffled – Scroll Down!

So – Let’s get one thing straight.  I personally can’t help you pick your lottery numbers.  Even with the help of your spirit guides in choosing the numbers, you are not going to be ‘on a winner’!  So no matter how desperate you are for cash, please, please, PLEASE treat this as a bit of fun.  Splashing out for 1 or 2 tickets is one thing but if you get a near miss or a small lottery win from your psychic numbers, please don’t get dragged in to overspending.  That’s called GAMBLING – make no mistake!

Choose 9 cards from the 59 card deck below for your Psychic Lottery Numbers!  The balls will appear below, 1 to 6 then an additional 3 so you have the option of discarding any numbers you don’t feel drawn to.

Dream Lottery Numbers

First Ball will appear here

Second Ball will appear here

Third Ball will appear here

Fourth Ball will appear here

Fifth Ball will appear here

Sixth Ball will appear here

Seventh Ball will appear here

Eighth Ball will appear here

Ninth Ball will appear here

Is it better to use the same numbers every week?

Statistically it will make absolutely no difference to your chances of winning the lottery.  However, if you are asking your spirit guide(s) or some other archetypal energy (your gods, your angels) to assist then you have to understand exactly what you have asked of them in order to know whether to continue with the same numbers?  Was it open ended when you asked for help or did you ‘agree’ a timescale, for example, ‘this saturday’?

Is the least picked number likely to be luckier?

Much the same as above, the number of times each number has already been drawn does not affect the chances of that number being chosen next time.  But once again, what did you ask for in this exercise?  For example, at one time the number 66 was the least popular.  To many people, that is a ‘lucky number’.  If it were my lucky number and it came up now I would think about using it repeatedly, especially if it was the first one chosen!