Daily Angel Affirmations

Angel Affirmations

What are Affirmations?

The Angelic Realm will bring thoughts and affirmations for you today.  They will appear here when you click to shuffle the cards.  You do NOT have to choose a card if all you want is the daily affirmations.  If you choose to click a card for a daily angel reading then it will appear below.  Please note that while the daily angel affirmations are always positive, if you go on to choose a card then the energies that come with that angel card can sometimes be quite blunt, especially if the card is reversed.

The Law of Attraction (nothing to do with romance per se!) is a relatively new concept for something that has been known for hundreds of years. The concept of attracting that which is missing or inadequate in your life, which at one time would have been called witchcraft, is now widely accepted as in the theory of affirmations, and frequently used in counselling.

With our daily angel affirmations, the angelic realm asks that you use them for good.

  • Click to get your daily angel affirmations.
  • The cards will also shuffle.
  • If you want a daily angel reading, select one card.

Reversed Cards and Card Strength