Free Birth Chart Reading

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Free Angel Birth Chart Reading

Although we are born with access to many angels there are three assigned to look after us at birth. You also have 3 angels/guardian angels/archangels associated with your zodiac sign and which of these angels comes forward first depends on the importance of what each has to contribute to your birth chart reading today.

Each of your 6 birth chart angels will use their spirit energies, personalities if you like, to find common ground with your life today.  They will indicate the strength of this connection. If the energies come in reverse then it should be treated as a warning.

Birth Chart Reading
Birth Chart Angel

Remember all Angels are omnipotent meaning they can be in many places at once. You will not be taking their time if you call for them because in spirit time does not exist. They can be everywhere, and they love to assist anyone who calls for them selflessly.

Clear your schedule as often as you can and allow time for healing, creativity and peace. Remember it is not a waste of time, but a productive and healthy time for your spirit. Bring some peace, inspiration and divine frequencies in your life now. You deserve it!

Not satisfied by the psychic reality of angels, we seek their material reality, as if psyche and matter, or mind and body, are independent and separate realities and only the second half of each pair – matter and body – are really real. However, if we consider consciousness as a whole with many dimensions operating on and experienced in different levels, then at one and the same time, angels can be understood as separate supernatural beings and also as ultimately in and from the psyche.

Your guardian angels are a gift from Spirit, but they are a gift you do not have to earn – a gift that will never be taken back. The love and healing energy of your guardian angels is your birthright. Your Birth Chart Reading includes different types of angels, some of whom are the angels you will have the most intimate relationships with throughout your life.