Angel Message for You

Daily Angel Messages for You

Why do you want my birthdate?  – With horoscopes, you share yours with over 8% of out total population, so of necessity they can’t be very specific to you. Your messages here are for you alone each day.

There are more angels than we can possibly imagine.  As well as 3 assigned to us at birth and 3 associated with our zodiac sign, the messenger angels are one of the many groups than can visit with a message for you. Usually angel messengers are archetypes, angels matching the energies of the angel invoked.  Possible a message for you will come from your birth angel or zodiac angel but there is also a whole angelic realm of angel messengers delighted to visit with a message for you. Which of these angels comes forward first depends on the urgency or importance of the message they have for you,

Angel Message for You

Many of us grew up believing angels to be messengers or agents of God’s will who appeared magically and often in disguise to ordinary men and women. The angels we grew up reading about in the Bible were not particularly sweet, loving, or delightful; their appearance was not always good news. On the contrary, messenger angels did serious and difficult work – the bible is full of the delicate tasks entrusted to these angels; missions that, according to most religions, changed the course of human history.

Finally, whether one thinks of angels as religious energies, supernatural beings, archetypal figures, or as some combination of, please don’t lose sight of the fact that it’s the MESSAGE FOR YOU that’s important!

Angel Message: “Every one of you has special gifts, and each is needed to heal the earth and bring this dimension closer to heaven. We messenger angels want to help you find your calling.They will give you clues about your calling so watch out for intuition, psychic feelings. These angelic synchronicities about your path are like heavenly bread crumbs that lead you home. Your path is leads home, because when you are engaged in your calling you will feel like you are closer to Spirit, your true home.