Instant Angel Finance Reading 1 Card

Work with the Angels for Guidance & Inspiration on the subject of finance, money and income.

  • Think of  question you would like help with and then meditate on this for a few moments, asking the Angels for their help.
  • Pick a card.
  • The angel that comes for you may not seem relevant to your money issues or even finance but look closer.
  • This Angel and the energies around it will help you.
  • The words may give you a clue as to which way to go or you may just like to choose an Angel to be with you through the day.
  • Select one card then click it once it turns over.

Here are some snippets from a few of my favorite books

Angel Insights : As I finished the final edits of this book, a horrific act of violence was committed in Charleston, South Carolina, that took many innocent lives. The day after nine parishioners at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, a historic house of worship and political activism for the African American community in Charleston, were shot and killed, I asked myself this very question: ‘Where were the angels?’ While I and the entire country experienced rage, sorrow, confusion, and indignation, I assumed that this must have been a situation where the angels’ wings were tied, for reasons we can guess at but may never fully comprehend or even be able to accept. Surely, if the angels could have intervened to save those nine precious lives, they would have. I believe strongly that the angels were giving the shooter messages that what he was planning was terribly wrong. Angels can try to convince someone that the path they are on is dangerous, and in their own way angels will try to talk someone around, tirelessly, by sending signs, gut feelings, and thoughts. Sadly, as in this case, people do not always listen to angelic guidance. And if the angels weren’t allowed to intervene in a more dramatic way in this situation, what exactly were they up to at the hour this dark event was taking place? We know what they did leading up to it: tried to convince the shooter not to do this, and surely even tried to give friends and family members clues that the shooter was planning something awful. But what did the angels do next?

Complete Book of Tarot: Crowley/GD: Gain, luck in material affairs, improved finances, inheritance, favor, popularity, material increase, the state of being pregnant.

Complete Book of Tarot: Trump 1: The Juggler (Magician) is the trump of the lowest rank. Traditionally he is a street magician, trickster, or mountebank. Through sleight of hand with cups and balls he can swindle visitors out of their hard-earned money. The priests of ancient Egypt who turned their rods into serpents during Moses’s confrontation with the Pharaoh are a typical embodiment of this archetypal image. The cheap tricks of the Egyptian priests were no match for the might of Yahweh, whose power could part the Red Sea and destroy the Pharaoh’s army under its waters. The trickster magician is the least potent trump of the lot.

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