Waking up at ?

Waking up at Mean? MeansMean?
Our guides and spiritual guardians will often try and make contact at a specific time although sometimes the time itself has no meaning other than to catch our attention.  


There are 2 main considerations with being woken at night, well 3 actually but I assume you wouldn’t be here if it was just a ‘normal’ waking.

The number itself can refer to its numerology meaning(s) alone or could be nothing at all as regards time once its done its job and caught your attention. If it’s single occurance next time you should try to put yourself back into that state at the beginning of sleep when you are barely conscious. Our most receptive time is just starting or ending a rem cycle which generally go in 90 minute cycles.  If you have trouble remembering your dreams you can try a low level music alarm that will wake you gently.  A sharp awaking is not helpful in this instance.  Witching hour wakings tend to be different in that we are being woken from a deep sleep in an effort to recall what we already dreamed or heard as opposed to listening for what comes next.

If you are repeatedly woken at the same time then look to the numerology meaning then decide what questions you want ask before your next sleep.

The Witching Hour

Waking during the ‘witching hour’ is thought to be particularly relevant.  Normally considered to be between 3am and 4 am it can sometimes be a 2 hour period.  In addition summer time changes may affect the meaning.  As we are usually in a deep deep sleep at this time, being woken means it is likely an attempt to make you remember your dreams or spirit communication where you otherwise would not.