1000 Angels

1000 Angels for You

1000 Angels is devoted to bringing comfort and enlightenment on as many issues as possible  Angels are always with us, around us and even within us, and of course, there are many many more than 1000.  Some are Archangels, some are Guardian Angels – many are messenger angels although any angel can act as a messenger angel.  There are a great many, of major and lesser status, whose names we will probably never know.  These angels come willingly forward with experience to share with you on the topic you seek.

The Angelic realm is constantly evolving and many angels will step forward as archetypes  for busier angels.  It is equally likely that than 1 will step forward with advice that will give more balance and more options.  These archetypal angels can bring up to 3 angels with them. It may be suggested you look at up to 4 more of the 100 angels to further assist.