1000 Helper Angels

1000 Helper Angels is part of the 1000 Angels Project and each of the angel archetypes listed in this section will bring 1 or more helper angels to guide and assist you with the issues below.

There are countless angels in heaven to aid you, and there are specific helper angels qualified to handle any request you offer up. Some helper angels might only be with you for an afternoon; if, for example, you ask for a helper angel who specializes in fashion and shopping to assist you in picking out the ideal dress. Other helper angels could be with you for decades if the project requires it. For example, you may be a concert pianist who asks for a helper angel who specializes in music and performance. This angel might remain with you throughout your career.

How to Contact Helper Angels
Helper angels will show up whether you ask them to or not. Other helper angels needed for less serious, critical issues might only appear if you let them know you want their input. Helper angels are highly capable experts in their fields. They are professional and possess abilities that can really bring the wow factor to any project or situation. After all, no one has higher standards than heaven!