Psychic Art

Portraits from the Spirit World

Please note:  I am retired and no longer work for payment charity or otherwise.  If you work as a psychic artist with proceeds to worthwhile causes please contact me to advertise on this page.

A4 Spirit Portrait

See Gays psychic art and spirit guides

spirit guide portrait - Native American Indian

When I do a spirit guide portrait for you , I will pass on any information that I receive for you from your guides or loved ones. Often they will give me a great deal of information about themselves and you.  Sometimes with psychic art they prefer to just sit in the peace and are content to let me capture their essence. It all depends on what your guides want for you and your own particular drawing.  With psychic art, spirit will often unfold the portraits relevance over time. Sometimes the portrait is family a few generations back and is not recognised but be assured that this person is there for you.  Often it will be a spirit guide portrait or of a helper past, present or future.  I cannot control who comes through for your psychic art portrait.  Many people feel that they know the person, or they feel a connection that they can’t explain.

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