Who is my Guardian Angel?

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Guardian Angel Yeiazel

Our full deck of angel cards is a total of 78. We all have many guardian angels and archangels around us, archetypal energies, who come to help us with various issues currently in our life. These angels are not always perfect. have made mistakes, contrary to popular belief.  They understand and come to guide when we have problems (or may be we are about to make mistakes). We are not always aware of them around us and we are not always ready to hear from our guardian angels, especially on subjects we are not yet ready or able to face up to our issues

The quiz comes in 3 parts:

  1. A few simple questions to select for you 20 angels from the full deck of 78 angels, guardian angels and archangels.
  2. You can continue the quiz with the 20 guardian angels and archangels who would all love to guide you,  or you can quickly run through the deck and click any you don’t feel comfortable with to remove them from the quiz.
  3. Then the heart of the quiz; without over-thinking, let your subconscious and spirit energies quickly select from a list of words or phrases that may or may not be relevant to you or someone/something in your life, past, present or future.

Part 1 of “Who is my Guardian Angel?

From The Encyclopedia of ANGELS by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Ph.D.

Angel Archetypes
Universal primordial images and instincts that reside in the collective unconscious, and are expressed in behavior and experience, Archetypes have existed since the dawn of humanity. Mythologies, religions, sacred rites, and folktales are especially rich in archetypal themes and characters (for example, the hero, the trickster, forces of nature, the elements are all archetypal representations). Angels are representations of archetypes.

In this context angels are representations of the positive-negative polarity, the yin and yang, the light and dark, the good and evil. They also represent the ability of the human soul to ascend to heaven or descend to the underworld, as well as the immortality and inherent divine nature of the soul. The functions and characteristics ascribed to individual angels all express archetypes.