Past Life Angel Reading

This past life angel reading draws your angels close and asks that an angel connects with you to bring energies and insights that connect with past incarnations your last incarnation and one of your previous incarnations. In addition we ask that an angel comes forward to assist with your current incarnation to give guidance on your souls progress.

Each angels energy is closely connected to a spirit guide archetype and we ask that the angels show you that spirit guide energy that connects to your past lives in order to help you progress in this life.

Lessons we need now or in the weeks to come, may be quite different from past life lessons that have already been learned or my be needed in the future, next month next year, so keep coming back.  You may be an old soul and there is much we can learn from past life lessons on our souls journey.

Let the angels tell you about your past lives!      Card Strength/Reversed Cards      What are Affirmations?

Past Life Angel Reading

The cards are shuffled

Choose 3 cards from the 78 card angel deck below, the first for the angel that is most closely connected to the type of person you were in one of your earlier lives, the second to bring energies from a recent past life, most likely your last.  Then the third card for the angel that can help you most in this life at this current stage of your lifes progress, to help you with the work that needs to be done for your souls progres.

Choose 3 cards from the full 78 card deck below for your free angel past life reading!

 A Past Life prior to the past life below.  One you need to learn from or have already learned from.

The Past Life you need to focus on right now

The Future – how to progress your soul in this life.

Tips for accessing Past Lives

Remember, when regressing your subconscious your conscious part does not have access to all your memories. There are psychic filters that do not allow you to remember all moments of your past life details. However, this is where the origin of many problems is hidden and if you want to solve it, a regression technique is the fastest way. An online free past life reading is not going to give you all the answers you are searching for.

Do not concern yourself unduly about the dangers of past life regression that many people will try and frighten you about.  It is much like the ouija board  Nothing is going to jump out and physically hurt you.  Your mind is what allows things to affect you and if you stay true to your beliefs and fully grounded then you are quite safe.

However, a past life reading or attempts at past life regression can bring forward unpleasant memories that you may wish to forget. In addition our mind can play tricks on us and make us begin to doubt what is real and what is not.  Stay grounded and let it be and it will resolve itself in time.  Ask your angels and spirit guide for clarity.  If you have doubts about being able to handle this that try and locate an experienced clairvoyant/psychic/medium/therapist who can guide you through