Reversed Cards and Card Strength

Card Strength, Reversals and Meanings

Angel Cards

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Each angel card has it’s own universal energies, meanings and strengths. Often we are NOT meaning upright is good and reversed is bad, more that the energies of the card are reversed on that day or in that reading. The strength of the angel card usually dictates how those energies affect the characteristics it brings.  A reversed card often means the angels feel the need to give you a warning of some sort or bring solace for something making you unhappy.  A strong reversed card means sit up and take note – this could be good or bad but will always be aimed at guiding you not admonishing you.

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Angel Cards

Take The Angel of Youth for example, an deceptive card. Upright it can mean caution or soul searching, so to say the upright card was good or bad depends on your point of view. Only by judging it’s strength and relationship to other cards can we begin to understand it’s meaning. Likewise The Archangel Uriel reversed could mean divorce or freedom, again how can we say good or bad?


The strong Angel of Youth card selected upright for the present and a weak Uriel reversed for the future could suggest that you needing strength for a divorce in the future (divorce may not be literal, perhaps a parting of ways in some career respect.)

Alternatively, The weak Angel of Youth in the past with a moderate Uriel reversed for the future, would possibly mean withdrawal in the past and recovery in the future.

Your reading includes the meanings the cards bring today along with their strength. Unless you are present at the reading, only you can correctly interpret the detail. Look at the card itself, all links open in a new tab, they may suggest another interpretations for you. Just because a specific meaning wasn`t chosen for you today, does not mean it’s irrelevant! You will have guides in spirit helping you so find a quiet time to try and connect with them.

One final word of warning.  There is a tendency to play down the energies the angels hold and to make them appear all sweetness and light.  This is frankly crazy.  At the risk of making a joke, they are “human” just like us.  They are not, or have not, ALWAYS been perfect.  Their mistakes and experiences are what makes them able to guide us so please don’t expect a pat on the head or a hug with every card you draw.  Remember that The Archangel Uriel for example, was considered a fallen angel by some.

Fallen angels allegedly rebelled against God, were cast out of heaven and faced eternal punishment.  In some religions it is their mission to bring as many humans as possible with them into their eternal hell.  I don’t follow this theory at all but neither do I think they are prefect entities sitting around waiting to bring us comfort.