1000 Guardian Angels

1000 Archangels is part of the 1000 Angels Project and each of the angel archetypes listed in this section will bring 1 or more guardian angels to guide and assist you with the issues below.

Transformation is a popular theme with guardian angels, because helping us through the many transformations we undergo during a lifetime, and encouraging us to make as many metamorphoses as possible during our journey on earth, is a chief task of the guardian angel. You are the top priority of your guardian angels. They are always with you. They never have something more important or more pressing to be concerned with. Like a mother forever trailing behind her curious, active toddler to make sure the child stays out of trouble, so your guardian angels are always hovering nearby. Your guardian angels are so closely linked to you that they will often know your needs and desires before you do, just as a mother knows the signs that show a child is hungry or tired.