555 Angel Number

555 Meaning: If you keep seeing 555 this is the angels way of trying to catch your attention. Here are the angels that will enlighten you on the Meaning of Angel Number 555. This angel number is sometimes related to time of day ‘visits’ from guides or angels. Please see below. If you see angel number 5 a lot or in multiples, please see below. It is usually to do with repeating patterns.


The Angel of the Essence of Love

Angel Meanings: suspicion, anxiety, overwhelmed, joylessness, nightmares, stress, guilt, negativity, mental anguish, burden, terror, deep unhappiness, isolation, remorse, hormonal, at breaking point, focusing on past, desolation, insomnia, subject of gossip, cruelty, fear, illness, making mountains out of molehills, menopause, despair, inability to cope or face life, regret

Angel Number 15 Meaning The Angel of the Essence of Love helps us to strip off the mask of illusion and see that love is the essence of all life. This angel works to help us unfold from the limited cocoon of our ego and be the magnificent creatures of light we are. When we have penetrated the illusions of personality and the destructive nature of negativity we realize that what we are, at our core, is a fountain of love. This love lives at the centre of every living cell in our bodies, and in the heart of all living things. The consciousness of which we are made permeates all other living substance too. Our own sweet essence is the same as the universal essence of love which unites us and bonds us intimately with the Source.


The Guardian Angel Yeiazel

Angel Meanings: perfection, accomplishment, sense of belonging, fulfillment, travel, eternal life, completion, fulfilment, achievement, success, recognition

What does Angel Number 55 Mean? Yeiazel brings solace and relief following any kind of stress. He brings renewal after difficult challenges or situations, leading to a new phase in your life. The guardian angel Yeiazel helps us return to good health and can free us from toxic emotional states. He can help with anger or emotional outbursts and issues like addiction. Yeiazel can guard us against social exclusion and a tendency to shut ourselves away from life and reality. This guardian angel also helps us manage extreme emotions and often comes when those close to us need our help


The Angel Prince of the North

Angel Meanings: effort, hard work paying off, teamwork, achievements, collaboration, reward, growing, studying, commitment, recognition, dedication, hard work, attention to detail, approval, learning, tradesperson, quality, apprenticeship, determination, building on success, goals, abilities

What does Angel Number 5 Mean? Positive thinking and understanding allow us to express our freedom and individuality. This Angel Prince helps us to communicate our ideas to others and aids us in forming a rational plan for living our lives. Clarity of thought permits us to be economical with our energy and wise with our actions. We can pray to The Angel Prince of the North to bless us with insight and to help us focus our thinking clearly. We can also pray for help with our ability to express our thoughts, so that our ideas are made clear and are easily understood and accepted by others. This angel can help us comprehend difficult concepts. These can include new ideas which may be difficult to assimilate, or they could be concepts which are alien to our belief system.

Repeating Angel Numbers such as 55 555 5555 55555 can be a sign that you are being told something important about Angel Number 5. See Repeating Numbers for more information. When you see repeating numbers like 5 etc., or a single number cropping up 3 or more times then its time to break the numbers down and look closer at Angel Number 5. One simple meaning is Angel Number 5 means Offer Gratitude To The World Around You


If you are looking for the angel meaning of time of day numbers like 05:55 it means pay attention to the numbers themselves OR to expect a spiritual visit or some other event around 5am

The exact time is not that important. Late at night it could well come in a dream! See Waking up at Meanings and also See Seeing a Time Meanings for more information

More Detail including Reversed Meanings