I want to be Good!

I want to be good
Good Angel

So you want to be good?  If you searched for it I am guessing you had some sort of epiphany, a life crisis or bereavement, or are simply getting older and have hit the sudden realisation that there may not be much time left.  So let’s talk about the subject of Duality, our souls journey,  and what is realistic to expect!

Yes I have been there a few times myself.  I am not going to bore you with my personal life but I think my biggest failure was promising myself I was no longer going to curse at other drivers.  It lasted less than a week before I faced reality and accepted that some things were so deeply ingrained that I needed to pick something that was maybe more important but a little less challenging.  After all, no one could hear me cursing – luckily I rarely drove with other people that I knew well and I actually do have a reasonable ‘filter’ with strangers and people I know it would upset a lot.

I want to be good

In reality, we are who we are and some things we can learn by listening, parents, teachers and so on, and some things we learn from experience. However, we all have duality, good and bad co-existing, governed by a combination of nurture, nature and fate with a touch of destiny thrown in.  A complex subject but simply put, to expect big changes in our duality is usually unrealistic. This rarely happens without a major life trauma.

With the concept of duality it is said that you can’t fully understand one side of the dual nature of something without comparing and fully understanding the opposing side.So on the whole it is best to let go of the guilt trip and take one small step at a time to achieve progress and not be daunted by the setbacks.

Thoughts from C C Lewis

First, most of us that would find this page haunted by the idea of a sort of behaviour we ought to practise, what you might call fair play, or decency, or morality, or the Law of Nature. Second, that we did not or do not in fact do so. Now some of you may wonder why I called this strange. It may seem to you the most natural thing in the world. You may say, what I call breaking the Law of Right and Wrong or of Nature, only means that people are not perfect. And why on earth should we expect them to be? That would be a good answer if we are trying to fix the exact amount of blame which is due to us for not behaving as we expect others to behave.