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Spiritual Healers in  Bath

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Numerology and Health

Looking into Numerology for health begins with the core emotional issues you may find yourself grappling with, which can in turn manifest in ongoing or recurring physical concerns.

“The Number Fifty Three reversed represents awakening and finding mental strength. You will be coming out of isolation after a period of solitude or mental overload and re-joining the world. This card tells you that you are slowly recovering and that healing is possible. Alternatively, the Number Fifty Three card reversed can indicate that your stress or anxiety levels have reached such a point that burn-out or mental breakdown or collapse is imminently possible if you don’t start taking care of yourself. You will be experiencing extreme levels of anxiety and a sense of restlessness when it appears.”,

“Your health situation may not be as good as you had hoped. Be careful in what healer and what methods you put your trust. Don’t be afraid to call on all healing energies you can think of; angels, the universe, ancestors, your higher power, God, whatever you can relate to. There is much more to life than what meets the eye, and miracles happen every day. However, you have to be sure that you are doing your part. What can you do, right now, to better your health situation? Consider alternative healing methods.”,

“If you aren’t careful when The reversed Number Twenty Eight appears in a reading about spirituality, you could be tempted to talk and talk (and listen to others talk and talk) about spirituality. Your best bet is actually not to do that; your best bet is to be quiet and listen to the universe, and see what comes to you now. Silence can be healing. Be still.”,

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Bath, Bath-easton, Bathford, Charlcombe, Kelston, Langridge, Lansdown, North Stoke, Northend, St Catherine, Swainswick, Weston, Woolley