Physical Mediumship

If you are interested in sitting for physical mediumship and require advice, please  contact contact Joan Hughes  for more information

Physical Mediumship

With the advent of mediums on TV like Tony Stockwell, John Edward, Colin Fry, you could be forgiven for thinking mediumship is something fairly new.  However people have communicated with the spirit world for thousands of years, in fact even before the days of the Jesus.  We have tracts that refer to mediumistic acts throughout the bible and many other indications.  Moses, Mary, Peter to name but a few,  all had experiences which have been described as visions, angels appearing or ‘speaking in tongues’.  These phenomena can be thought of as physical phenomena,  materialisation being just one aspect of physical phenomena that we as individuals or groups of people,  can experience when communicating with the spirit world.

Physical mediumship really started in the mid 1800’s up to the mid 1900’s, although it is still very much alive today.  Of all the various methods used to communicate with the spirit world and the Ouija board was perhaps one of the best known.  [Please do not use a ouija board – there are some very good reasons not to!]  Spirit are trying all the time to communicate with us and will take every opportunity to do so through whatever means is available, and this includes ouija boards, remember not all spirits have good intentions, there are mischievous or occasionally negative spirits around.

Physical mediumship should only be attempted in properly controlled environments with support and safeguards in place to ensure the safety of the medium.

Spiritualism to some extent became popular in America at a place called Hydesville  when the Fox sisters heard knocking and tapping noises in their house.  It took some time for them to realise that these noises came from Spirit.  They began to communicate with the spirit by askin

g questions, the answers coming as raps for Yes or No.  This is another example of  Physical Mediumship and is just one of many ways for  spirit  to communicate via physical means.

Physical mediumship usually takes more time and patience to practice.  The conditions must be right in order to help spirit get through.  The energy used by spirit is far greater in physical mediumship than with mental mediumship.

If you are interested in sitting for physical mediumship and require advice, please contact Joan Hughes for more information

What is Physical Mediumship?

Physical mediumship is the process whereby someone, in Spirit, usually known as a spirit operator (as compared to a spirit communicator), works or operates through the mental AND physical energies of the medium and causes something physical to happen on the Earth plane. Physical mediumship is objective in nature; that is, when the phenomena occur, everyone is able to see and/or hear them.

Physical mediumship was more popular in Victorian times and the early twentieth century, although it is still practiced today. Physical mediumship involves the manipulation and transformation of physical systems and energies. The spirit operators can produce physical manifestations of both the entity and psychic energy upon the Earth plane. They may produce physical objects, they may produce ectoplasm that can take the shape of the entity. What it is that actually happens varies with the style of mediumship involved, but the results can be seen and heard by others. Physical mediumship should only be practised in properly controlled environments with the correct supervision and safeguards in place to ensure the safety of the medium.

The energy used by spirit is a lot greater in this form of communication than with mental mediumship. In most cases a medium goes into deep trance (there are different levels of trance) for the spirit to work through them. The spirit will use the mediums body, and it should be stressed here that the medium is not possessed by the spirit and should be in control at all times.
The types of Physical phenomenon usually encountered are Transfiguration, Ectoplasm, “Voice Trumpets”, Materialisation and Apports.


Here the face of a spirit person can be seen on formed over the mediums face.  The correct use of lighting is necessary as shadows can appear making people think they have seen someone that really isn’t there.  The faces can be very clear at times, with the mediums face completely disappearing.

Direct Voice

Objects called trumpets are used for this type of communication, they are conical shaped objects with holes at both ends. The trumpet is placed in the centre of the circle of people present, when the atmosphere is right for spirit they will make the trumpet float in the air and use it for communication. The sound is created from an artificial throat box formed from ectoplasm and comes from the pointed end of the trumpet.


This form of mediumship allows the spirit to control the mediums body for communication.  This could mean using not only the voice box but also moving various parts of the body. There are various stages of trance from slight over shadowing to full deep trance where the medium seems to be asleep. Whilst in trance the medium will be aware of spirit around them, and will communicate all that is told to them without interaction of their own thoughts.  Deep trance is obviously better for this as the medium is not aware of what is being said by the spirit to those present. The medium should be in no danger if the session is correctly overseen and controlled.


An Apport is a physical object bought through by spirit usually to the group of people sitting for communication. The objects can be almost anything from flowers, books, jewellery and even money usually coins (usually small denomination values, remember financial wealth is not important to spirit). People do not usually sit for the purpose of bringing apports through, they just happen during a séance or closed circle if the spirit wishes to do so for what ever reason.