Heart Meditation

Begin by taking in a deep breath and holding it in your lungs for a moment. Then slowly exhale. Gently release any tension you feel in your body. Now take a second deep breath and hold it briefly then exhale slowly. Let go of all thoughts all mind activity. Take a third deep breath and slowly exhale. Release all of the energies of the day moving into a peaceful tranquil calm. Thought-free mind open.


Bring your attention to your Heart. Moving your Consciousness deeply into your Heart. Feel the energy of Love acceptance openness. With each and every heartbeat you allow the Love to pump through you. You feel it rhythmically like waves of the ocean moving through your entire body and out into the universe. From this Serene Center of your Being within your Heart you are able to remember what is real. You are able to recall the Truth of your Being and your purpose as Love. From this Serene Center of your Being within your Heart you are able to know yourself as Spirit. To know it deeply without question. To feel the Truth of it. It’s when you move away from the Serene Center of your Being within your Heart that you forget. You become distracted. Your attention is engaged elsewhere. You are not in a place of remembering. Your purpose here on earth is to remember you are Love. The process of Waking Up is why you’re here. This is it. As you move through your day in every moment you create opportunity after opportunity to remember. To know yourself and others as Spirit. You are given unlimited opportunities to see Spirit in various forms various disguises to see whether or not you indeed recognize Spirit. When you see through your Spirit-eyes you easily recognize and connect with the Spirit in all things/all Beings. But when you divert your attention and intention away from Spirit-thoughts Spirit experience you drop quickly into ego-perception and forget about Love and Spirit.

Your practice is not limited to a time or a space. It is always every moment. Have the patience and the persistence to practice this Truth. It is a state of mind. A state of Heart. A state of Being. Continuously unceasingly Awake. As you look at nature at every energy portrayed in the universe here is a reflection of Spirit that you may see and know and remember. All of the universe supports you in Waking Up. When you bring your Consciousness to it and know this then you can see nothing but Spirit in all things. When you look upon another you see the face of Spirit looking back at you. With this intention as you walk through each day you can hold that alignment keep that vibration raised up into Love for yourself and others.

How would Spirit do it? You have every moment in every day to explore this. Should you choose Consciously to move through every day as Spirit and to see Spirit in every single thing give great thanks for this practice for this realization for the clarity and for the simplicity of it. Give thanks for one another. Give thanks for the support of the Universe in every single thing every situation every episode every animal person all there for you to “get it”. Spirit is Him/Her/It many disguises reminding you that you are Spirit. Carry this Truth in your Heart and go there often. Stay there in that place of remembrance of Love. For all this give thanks.