The Archangel Harahel

Work with the Angels for Guidance and Inspiration

Harahel is an Archangel who answers to Raphael and symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, bringing fertility to people who want to have a child. Harahel makes sure that your parental authority is not undermined, giving you intellectual prosperity while helping increase your spiritual awareness. The angel Harahel helps those with a talent for teaching and educating yourself and helps the use of technology. With this angel by your side you will find the courage to face life with optimism.

If you draw The Archangel Harahel UPRIGHT the card has the following meanings:

The Archangel Harahel is a very powerful, positive omen relating to love, happiness, and affection. Sometimes though, it is about new beginnings and although it usually means love it can indicate new beginnings in other areas of life.

Upright Meanings: love, happiness, celebrations, new relationships, joy, fertility, good health, conception, pregnancy, beauty, new beginnings, new romance

The Archangel Harahel card in an upright position signifies new beginnings, usually in terms of love, empathy, compassion and/or happiness. When this minor card appears it indicates that you will be feeling happy, positive and good about yourself. Now is a great time to begin new friendships and get out there and socialise. People will be very receptive, kind and friendly to you with this card appearing in your reading. It can also be an indication of good news or celebrations coming your way.

If you draw The Archangel Harahel REVERSED this angel card has these meanings:

The Reversed Archangel Harahel is a positive omen, but in general you may be feeling a bit stuck. Know that with your time and attention, you can resolve most blockages.

Reversed Meanings: sadness, blocked or repressed emotions, infertility, unrequited love, hesitancy, miscarriage, breakups, pregnancy issues, selfishness, pain, egotism, bad news

In a reversed position, The Archangel Harahel card generally can indicate sadness, pain or blocked/repressed emotions. It can also signify that you may receive some bad or upsetting news. This minor card reversed can indicate that you may find that you are not in the mood for socialising or meeting new people. It can also signify cancelled social events or cancelled celebrations like a broken engagement or cancelled wedding. It can also be a sign that people around you may be reacting to you in a negative way or may have ill will towards you.