The Archangel Raphael

Work with the Angels for Guidance and Inspiration

Raphael is responsible for healing the earth and its inhabitants. He is credited with healing Abraham after he was circumcised and is the angel who handed Moses a book of all the herbs which exist to heal maladies. The Book of Tobias in the Old Testament relates how Raphael healed Tobias’s father of blindness with an ointment made from the burned gall-bladder of a large fish. Raphael is variously known as the Overseer of the Evening Winds, Guardian of the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, Angel of Repentance, Prayer, Love, Joy and Light. He is the Angel of Healing, Science and Knowledge. He is also called the Angel of Providence who watches over all humanity.

If you draw The Archangel Raphael UPRIGHT the card has the following meanings:

This is basically a very positive card, however as you move towards the higher cards, more complexity and difficulty can be indicated. The Archangel Raphael is where some would say this begins. This card can indicate anxiety and worry – being burdened and keyed up over concerns that you may have little control over.

Upright Meanings: good health, learning from past failure, courage, backbone, ongoing battle, guarded, close to success, wounded, nearly there, not working out as planned, fatigue, fight your corner, last stand, drained of energy, battle weary, perseverance, persistence, holding out, obstinacy, setbacks, expecting trouble, victory, gather your strength

The Archangel Raphael tells you that you are half way through a battle. Recent events have left you drained of all energy and feeling like you can’t go on, but you are so close to getting what you want! You just need to gather the last of your strength and push forward and you will be successful. It represents ongoing battles, being battle weary, drained of energy and fatigued. It also signifies courage, persistence, strength of will, having a backbone, holding out and perseverance. It is a minor card of gathering your strength, learning from past failures, fighting your corner and making your last stand. You may be wounded, guarded or expecting trouble when it appears in your reading. It can suggest that things have not worked out the way you planned and there have been challenges and setbacks along the way. The Archangel Raphael also tells you that you are close to success or nearly there.

If you draw The Archangel Raphael REVERSED this angel card has these meanings:

The Reversed Archangel Raphael points to a need for gentleness – both with yourself and with other people. Know your strengths. Remember that kindness and weakness are not the same thing. Show kindness as often as you can now.

Reversed Meanings: rigid, stalemate, chronic fatigue, refusing to compromise/ give in, giving up, no fight left, falling at the final hurdle, weakness, adversity, retreat, obstinate, ill-health, unexpected trouble, lack of courage/ persistence/ perseverance/ backbone, dropping your guard, not learning from past, stubborn, last one standing, withdrawal

The Archangel Raphael reversed represents refusing to compromise or give in, being stubborn, rigid or obstinate. It can signify being the last one standing or having a chip on your shoulder. Alternatively, this minor card reversed can signify a stalemate, withdrawal, retreat, giving up, having no fight left or no backbone. The Archangel Raphael reversed can also indicate weakness of will, chronic fatigue and lack of courage, persistence or perseverance. It can represent not learning from past mistakes or falling at the final hurdle. This card can signify dropping your guard or encountering unexpected trouble.