Children & Life After Death

Teaching Your Child about Spirit

Life after Death for Children

Whether you belong to a specific sect or just believe in God religion can play a key part in your daily life. However, how do we ensure that our children have those same beliefs or understand how they can find truth in their life? This article will help show you a way you can teach your child about God’s power to help guide your child in their life.

In most major religions it is believed that having the “spirit” of God is a good thing. That same spirit can help you feel comforted in times of need or help you make decisions in life. Our goal as parents is to help our children recognize those feelings and act upon them. The first major step in accomplishing this goal is to help your child recognize those feelings so that they can act on them. When I have personally taught my children about this topic I always start with a story to help them better understand the concept.Reincarnation and Angels

The story goes like this. A child is walking through a park or down the street in the dark one night and there is a lightning storm a ways away. Because it is dark outside the child is unable to see more then 5-10 feet in front of them. However, every time a lightning strikes in the distance the child see’s the entire street lit up and they are able to see the pathway. See the spirit of God in whatever form you believe in is like the lightning; it will appear and light the path before you and help guide you in your life decisions. If you fail to use the spirit or the lightning you will have a much darker path and it will be harder to find your way. Therefore it is extremely important that you find your lightning and let it guide your path.

Once a child understands the concept of the spirit or a supreme being guiding them they are ready to learn what it feels like. In the Christian faith they believe in the Holy Ghost. This spirit being is a member of the Godhead and helps us understand the path that God has for us. Whereas Buddhism uses Guru yoga that helps put them in tune with the spirit. Whatever your belief may be it is important you know how the spirit speaks to and guides you. There are a few things that most major religions have in common about feeling the spirit. The spirit will bring a sense of calm or good feelings if you are making the right decision. However, if the decision is incorrect you will most likely have no feelings or poor feelings about a decision. There are many other ways people feel the spirit in their decision making.

One of the core ways the spirit may be speaking with you is through other people. There have been many times in my own life where asking the advice of someone else brought the answer to me. The spirit doesn’t always speak directly to someone therefore it is important to research and talk to everyone you can about your questions. By seeking out your spirit guide in life you will be able to find peace in this life. You will be able to find the answers to some of life’s toughest questions like is there life after death or what is the purpose of this life. Please share your tips in the comments section on your ideas of how you can share your spiritual beliefs with your children.