Crystal Meditation

Crystal Meditation


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This is a large quartz crystal we use for meditation in our workshops.You may have to wait a little while for the music to download. If your computer can’t play this, put on some background music or just work in silence.

  1. Turn of the phone and remove any other external distractions.
  2. Look at the crystal for 5 minutes or so, concentrating on your breathing, making sure it is slow and relaxed.
  3. Ask your guide to give you an image in the crystal to take with you into the meditation.
  4. Ask your guide why he gave you this image and what it means to you. You may stay in the meditation for as long as you wish.


If you enjoy this meditation it would be worth buying a crystal, the biggest you can afford, and working with it in a darkened room or, paradoxically, in bright sunlight, or in the moonlight.  The crystal will soak in energy and your meditations should become gradually more enlightening as you learn to work with your guide/guides and the crystal.