Dreams about Demons

What do Dreams about Demons Mean?

Salem Witch

I am probably going to step on a few toes here. We have quite a lot of people here who practice their religion and have strong beliefs, including some that have demons has an integral part of their belief system. However I personally do not believe that demons exist in the sense of them being entities that can possess us or walk the earth. Thus, in my opinion, a dream about demons is always has symbolic meanings.

If some tells you they have bad dreams about demons meaning they are nightmares please get them to read this or explain it to them.  If it’s a child it will seem like a hard task but there is an example below of what you can say.

In our archetype spirit guide deck we have The Disrupter, The Deceiver and The Destroyer, all of who are toned down versions of demons but it is really important to grasp that these are part of a universal collective energy and that all souls learn and move on, no matter how many lifetimes it takes them.  While not necessarily being perfect, those that are allowed to come forward to help us can have made many of the same mistakes we have made of might make, thus they are able to guide us better.

The Destroyer
The Disrupter
The Deceiver

So when you have dreams about demons remember this and try and determine the reason for them being in your dreams.  If it is truly frightening you then the meanings behind these dreams are important and you should look for areas of your life that you are perhaps in denial about, or something you are bottling up inside that needs releasing.

The Disrupter – Upright Meanings: desire, romance, honor, optimism, soulmates, trust, love, perfect unions, partnerships, harmony, kindred spirits, sexual connections, relationships, major choices

The Disrupter – Reversed Meanings: imbalance, conflict, disconnection, disunion, trust issues, fickleness, disharmony, separation, lack of accountability, untrustworthy, unreliability, frustration

The Destroyer – Upright Meanings: bankruptcy, loss, unexpected events, disaster, destruction, pain, abandonment, trauma, disruption, chaos, sudden upheaval, tragedy, end of friendship, violence, revelations, unexpected change, abuse, divorce, downfall, confusion

The Demon – Salem Tarot Deck

Demon Archetype

Upright Meanings: Downfall, Unexpected Failure, Controversy, Disaster, Ill Temper

Reversed Meanings: Release, Enlightenment, Divorce, Recovery

Let’s work with a couple of example, using the Salem Tarot.  It’s actually a little black for my liking but there is a choice of 5 decks and I picked the darkest for this illustration.  Bear in mind when it comes to archetypes and symbology it is usually what it means to you rather than what someone else says. Sure, if you are not familiar then the tarot reader will tell you or you can look up the traditional meaning.

Example 1:

You draw the Demon Reversed in your reading.  You immediately ump to the conclusion that the arguments you has with your husband  last week signals divorce. However, if you think a bit harder and look at the other meanings (including similar words) you might see that the depression you have been suffering from is about to come to an end, thus banishing your demons.

Example 2:

It’s unlikely your child will be using the tarot but let’s suppose he has a dream or nightmare about a demon and take one of it’s meanings as the example – disaster.  This could be a sign that a school project or exam has gone badly and he or she is secretly worrying about it.  Or, taking another example, bad temper, perhaps it is a signal that the child is battling his or her own demons – most mothers will remember the Terrible Twos when tantrums and screaming fits prevailed.  That doesn’t always remain the sole prerogative of two year olds! Just try and remember though, this is guidance not threats and punishments.