An Octopus in a Dream?

octopus in dreams
Dream about an Octopus

To dream to octopus (or should that be Octopi?) means chaos and discord either in your life right now or soon to come. Try and avoid careless actions, and think twice about any destructive tendencies. Difficult choices are ahead and in the sense of many arms so there will be many options.

Octopus in Dreams

If the octopus comes as an upright card in a spirit animal archetype reading then it can mean any of: progress, healing, calmer waters, sorrow, travel overseas, lethargy, relief, moving forward, spirit guides, moving on, overcoming hardship, feeling deflated, harmony, escaping, calm after a storm, journey, things calming down, journeys, running away, stability, going on holiday, travelling, holding onto negativity

If the octopu is chasing you it signals you are long overdue to make those difficult decisions.  If it is changing colors in you dream this means you should wait as more options will present themselves soon and perhaps give a better outcome. If there are less than 8 limbs on your dream octopus this is bad new – it means you have a missed opportunity. However all is not lost.  Like the octopu tentacles can regrow so look at what has happened and see if there is a way to retrieve the situation, although you must think hard about how you felt in your dream.  Very rarely it will be the right thing to simply wait until there are no options left but one.