Third Eye Meditation

This is more of an exercise than a meditation but it will strengthen your ability to envisage your 3rd eye and access the energy within it.  Enjoy! [soundy button] To begin, you may want to work with your eyes open.  Once you are familiar with the routine, you will probably prefer to close your eyes. READ MORE

Meditation to Access your Higher Mind

Access Your Higher Mind   Extract from Johns Book Go straight to the meditation The more we stay connected to our higher mind – which we also call the universe the source or spirit – the more we strengthen and build that crucial bridge between ourselves and our higher consciousness. While we’re all born connected to READ MORE

Inner Journey Meditation

This meditation has evolved for those interested in white witchcraft but you may also use it to meet your spirit guides, substituting as appropriate where gods and goddesses are mentioned. A vivid imagination, directed by magical training, is the most effective tool we have for changing the world, and it is something which has often READ MORE

Meditation Manual

Amazon. co. uk Widgets Meditation is a practice of quietly listening and noticing.  It is a patient practice that leads to a depth of personal knowledge and a sense that life is sacred. It slows the mind. It internally releases “pressure” that may have appeared to come from the circumstances or problems of life. It READ MORE

Heart Meditation

Begin by taking in a deep breath and holding it in your lungs for a moment. Then slowly exhale. Gently release any tension you feel in your body. Now take a second deep breath and hold it briefly then exhale slowly. Let go of all thoughts all mind activity. Take a third deep breath and READ MORE

Free Meditation Music

A series of 10 beautiful musical pieces for any meditation . Choose the one that best suits your mood and objectives and how you feel when listening. Appropriate for many types of meditation, they slow the mind and help us connect with our inner energy. INSTRUCTIONS TO DOWNLOAD MUSIC FOR MEDITATION: Left-click the button  “Download” READ MORE

Meditation CDs

***   Currently out of Stock   *** These meditation CDs are copyright to Gay Clarke of Pathway to Spirit Healing Journey Meditation CD   River Of Life Meditation CD incorporating meeting your guides   Past Life Regression Meditation       Please pay for your Meditation CD here No account set-up or registration required You will READ MORE

Crystal Meditation

Crystal Meditation [soundy button] This is a large quartz crystal we use for meditation in our workshops.You may have to wait a little while for the music to download. If your computer can’t play this, put on some background music or just work in silence. Turn of the phone and remove any other external distractions. READ MORE

Healing Meditation

This meditation is copyright to Gay Clarke of Pathway to Spirit Buy CD at £5 with music details below Healing Journey Meditation The Healing Journey is a guided meditation that can be used many times over in differing ways. It may be used for relaxation, to heal the body, the mind or even a situation READ MORE

The River of Life Meditation

This meditation is copyright to Gay Clarke of Pathway to Spirit not Van Ault as has been incorrectly accredited by some people copying without permission.  You may use this meditation on your website as long as you email me first and properly accredit it with a link to this page (see below). This meditation was READ MORE