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Click —->Psychic Readings in Yorkshire North Riding to find psychic mediums offering readings online, by phone or email. Phone readings will of course be easiest if they are not local to you. Psychic email readings may be offered but please bear in mind that not every psychic will be a born touch-typer and not all psychics are happy working for free or small amounts. They may feel they need to charge more if an email takes a long time to type. Make sure you know what you are paying for when you order your reading.


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It is my personal belief that nothing that comes from Spirit is meant to harm or alarm us. If your psychic reading contains messages of doom, sickness, death or misery, then please first question the validity of the psychic that gave you the reading. If in any doubt, please feel free to contact me. Please also see: Psychic Reading Online Free on our sister site Readings4U.

Mediums Offering Readings in Yorkshire North Riding

No mediums offering readings in these locations yet: Guisborough Harrogate Leyburn Richmond Ripon Scarborough Selby Skipton – Sowerby Thirsk Whitby York –

If you are offering psychic readings or know of a mediums in any of these areas, please let us know.

Past this point is some interesting stuff on the subject of clairvoyance from Charles W Leadbeater. I don’t agree with everything he has to say about psychics but who am I to say what is true and what isn’t! – AND a few interesting quotes will fill the space until more psychics start advertising their readings here.

Aspects of this book may appear outrageous on first reading.  Some statements and concepts outlined herein may even have made you feel uncomfortable.  I urge you to probe those areas that cause you discomfort, for there, I assure you, you will find the key to your own growth.  Do not take my word for anything!  Explore, research and above all experience.

Please consider how you can change your immediate environment by focusing on love.  We do not need to consume a media-generated diet of fear about terrible things that are not happening to us now.  Consider what you can do to change that, starting in your own home.  The best way we can stop war, famine and the destruction of our lovely readingt, Gaia, is to work from our own centre out, repairing ourselves and moving into harmony with love and the rest of creation before we attempt to expend our energy elsewhere.  Once we are at peace and in touch with our own divinity, then we are in a position of power, free from negative influences.  Human beings who are free from fear are VERY powerful beings.  It is not selfish to heal yourself first. 

The little book went on to argue logically enough that God, being almighty, must possess the wonderful power of sight which we have been postulating for our observed; and further, that being omnipresent, He must be at each of the stations which we mentioned, and also at every intermediate point, not successively but simultaneously. Granting these premises, the inevitable deduction follows that everything which has ever happened from the very beginning of the world must be at this very moment taking place before the eye of God-not a mere memory of it, but the actual occurrence itself being under His observation.

You are now aware of the power that you have to create your preferred reality, on a moment by moment basis.  If you do not take responsibility for your own words, thoughts and actions, then who can?  Think positive, speak positive, act positive and be positive.  Never underestimate the enormous power of your own words, thoughts and deeds.  Love is the essence of creation.  It is what is holding the fabric of reality together and it is time to fully align with it.  It resides in your centre.  Locate it, unveil it, BE IT and share it NOW!

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Guisborough Harrogate Leyburn Richmond Ripon Scarborough Selby Skipton – Sowerby Thirsk Whitby York –

Acaster Selby-North Yorkshire (near York) – Ainderby Quernhow-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Appleton le Moors-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Appleton le Street-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Appleton Roebuck-North Yorkshire (near York) – Arkle Town-North Yorkshire (near Barnard Castle) – Baldersby St James-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Barton le Street-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Barton le Willows-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Beck Hole-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – Bickley Gate-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – Bolton Abbey-North Yorkshire (near Ilkley) – Bramley Head-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – Bridge Hewick-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Bridgehouse Gate-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – Brompton by Sawdon-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – Brompton on Swale-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Brough Park-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Burton Salmon-North Yorkshire (near Normanton) – Carlton Husthwaite-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold) – Carlton Miniott-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Castle Bolton-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Catterick Garrison-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Chapel le Dale-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Chop Gate-North Yorkshire (near Guisborough) – Church Houses-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Cloughton Newlands-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – Cold Cotes-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Cold Kirby-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Coniston Cold-North Yorkshire (near Barnoldswick) – Copt Hewick-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Cowling (Glusburn)-North Yorkshire (near Colne) – Cridling Stubbs-North Yorkshire (near Askern) – Cross Lanes-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold) – Dale End-North Yorkshire (near Skipton) – Danby Wiske-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – East Appleton-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – East Ayton-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – East Barnby-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – East Harlsey-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – East Hauxwell-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – East Heslerton-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – East Layton-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – East Lutton-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – East Ness-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – East Scrafton-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – East Tanfield-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – East Witton-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Egton Bridge-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – Egton Grange-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – Fangdale Beck-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Friars Hill-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Gate Helmsley-North Yorkshire (near York) – Gilling East-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold) – Gilling West-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Gollinglith Foot-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Great Ayton-North Yorkshire (near Guisborough) – Great Barugh-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Great Broughton-North Yorkshire (near Guisborough) – Great Busby-North Yorkshire (near Guisborough) – Great Edstone-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Great Habton-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Great Heck-North Yorkshire (near Snaith) – Great Langton-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – Great Ouseburn-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Great Smeaton-North Yorkshire (near Middleton St George) – Greenhow Hill-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – Halfpenny Houses-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Halton Gill-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Hartoft -North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Harwood Dale-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – Helwith Bridge-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – High Birkwith-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – High Ellington-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – High Grantley-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – High Hawsker-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – High Hutton-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – High Kilburn-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – High Normanby-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – High Worsall-North Yorkshire (near Darlington) – Horton in Ribblesdale-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Huby (Harrogate)-North Yorkshire (near Otley) – Hurworth Moor-North Yorkshire (near Darlington) – Hutton Bonville-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – Hutton Buscel-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – Hutton Conyers-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Hutton le Hole-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Hutton Sessay-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Hutton Wandesley-North Yorkshire (near York) – Ingleby Cross-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – Ingleby Greenhow-North Yorkshire (near Guisborough) – Jack Hill-North Yorkshire (near Otley) – Keld Head-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Key Green-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – Kirby Grindalythe-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – Kirby Hill (Richmondshire)-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Kirby Knowle-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Kirby Misperton-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Kirk Deighton-North Yorkshire (near Wetherby) – Kirk Hammerton-North Yorkshire (near Wetherby) – Kirk Smeaton-North Yorkshire (near Askern) – Kirkby Hall-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Kirkby Malham-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Kirkby Malzeard-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – Kirkby Mills-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Kirkby Overblow-North Yorkshire (near Harrogate) – Langdale End-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – Lawkland Green-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Little Barugh-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Little Habton-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Little Heck-North Yorkshire (near Snaith) – Little Holtby-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Little Ouseburn-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Little Sessay-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold) – Little Smeaton-North Yorkshire (near Askern) – Little Stainforth-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Little Thirkleby-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Long Headland-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – Long Preston-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Lovesome Hill-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – Low Bell End-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Low Bentham-North Yorkshire (near Carnforth) – Low Dalby-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Low Ellington-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Low Grantley-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – Low Hawsker-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – Low Hutton-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – Low Laithe-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – Low Marishes-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Low Mill-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Low Row-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Low Worsall-North Yorkshire (near Thornaby) – Lower Dunsforth-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Malham Tarn-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Markenfield Hall-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Melmerby (Harrogate)-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Melmerby (Richmondshire)-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Menwith Hill-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – Middleton on Leven-North Yorkshire (near Thornaby) – Middleton Quernhow-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Middleton Tyas-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Monk Fryston-North Yorkshire (near Normanton) – Moor Monkton-North Yorkshire (near York) – Morton on Swale-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – Musley Bank-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Myton on Swale-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – New Houses-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Newby Hall-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Newsham Bridge-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Newton le Willows-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Newton Mulgrave-North Yorkshire (near Loftus) – Newton on Ouse-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold) – Newton on Rawcliffe-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – North Cave-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton) – North Cliffe-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton) – North Cowton-North Yorkshire (near Darlington) – North Dalton-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Driffield) – North Deighton-North Yorkshire (near Wetherby) – North Duffield-North Yorkshire (near Howden) – North Frodingham-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Hornsea) – North Grimston-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – North Howden-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Howden) – North Kilvington-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – North Leys-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – North Newbald-East Riding of Yorkshire (near Market Weighton) – North Otterington-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – North Rigton-North Yorkshire (near Harrogate) – North Stainley-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Norton-North Yorkshire Norton Conyers-North Yorkshire – Norton Conyers-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Nun Appleton-North Yorkshire (near York) – Nun Monkton-North Yorkshire (near York) – Old Byland-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Old Malton-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Old Thirsk-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Pateley Bridge-North Yorkshire Pepper Arden-North Yorkshire – Pepper Arden-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – Port Mulgrave-North Yorkshire (near Loftus) – Potter Brompton-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – Preston under Scar-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Primrose Valley-North Yorkshire (near Filey) – Reighton Gap-North Yorkshire (near Filey) – Riggs Head-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – Robin Hoods Bay-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – Rosedale Abbey-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – Saltney Ferry-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Saltwick Bay-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – Sand Hutton-North Yorkshire (near York) – Scaling Dam-North Yorkshire (near Loftus) – Seave Green-North Yorkshire (near Guisborough) – Shaw Green-North Yorkshire (near Harrogate) – Sheriff Hutton-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold) – Shipton by Benningborough-North Yorkshire (near York) – Skeugh Head-North Yorkshire (near Barnard Castle) – Skipton on Swale-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Sneaton Thorpe-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – South Milford-North Yorkshire (near Normanton) – Stalling Busk-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Stockton on the Forest-York City Council (near York) – Street Houses-North Yorkshire (near York) – Strensall Camp-North Yorkshire (near York) – Sutton Grange-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Sutton Howgrave-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Sutton on the Forest-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold) – Sutton on the Forest-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold) – Sutton under Whitestonecliffe-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Sutton upon Derwent-North Yorkshire (near Pocklington) – Swinton Grange-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Thornton in Lonsdale-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Thornton le Clay-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Thornton le Dale-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Thornton le Moor-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – Thornton le Street-North Yorkshire (near Thirsk) – Thornton Rust-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Thornton Watlass-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Thorp Perrow-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – Thorpe Bassett-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – Thorpe Willoughby-North Yorkshire (near Snaith) – Thorpe Wood-North Yorkshire (near Snaith) – Town Head (Mearbeck)-North Yorkshire (near Settle) – Upper Helmsley-North Yorkshire (near York) – Ure Bank-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Walden Head-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – Wedding Hall Fold-North Yorkshire (near Skipton) – West Ayton-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) – West Barnby-North Yorkshire (near Whitby) – West Burton-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – West Cottingwith-North Yorkshire (near Pocklington) – West End (Padside)-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – West Harlsey-North Yorkshire (near Northallerton) – West Heslerton-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – West Knapton-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – West Layton-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – West Lilling-North Yorkshire (near Easingwold) – West Lutton-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – West Marton-North Yorkshire (near Barnoldswick) – West Ness-North Yorkshire (near Kirkbymoorside) – West Scrafton-North Yorkshire (near Pateley Bridge) – West Stonesdale-North Yorkshire (near Barnard Castle) – West Tanfield-North Yorkshire (near Bedale) – West Witton-North Yorkshire (near Richmond) – Wharram le Street-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – Wharram Percy-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – Whitewall Corner-North Yorkshire (near Norton) – Whitley Bridge-North Yorkshire (near Snaith) – Whitwell on the Hill-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Whitwell on the Hill-North Yorkshire (near Malton) – Wistow Lordship-North Yorkshire (near Snaith) – Wormald Green-North Yorkshire (near Boroughbridge) – Wrench Green-North Yorkshire (near Scarborough) –   –

More from Charles:

As in later races and amid higher development the strength of the man is more and more thrown into the evolution of the mental faculties, this vague sensitiveness usually disappears; but still later, when the spiritual man begins to unfold, he regains his clairvoyant power. This time, however, the faculty is a precise and exact one, under the control of the man’s will, and exercised through a definite sense-organ; and it is noteworthy that any nervous action set up in sympathy with it is now almost exclusively in the cerebro-spinal system.

Another curious change, which comes from the possession of this sight, is that the solid ground upon which the man walks becomes to a certain extent transparent to him, so that he is able to see down into it to a considerable depth, much as we can now see into fairly clear water. This enables him to watch a creature burrowing underground, to distinguish a vein of coal or of metal if not too far below the surface, and so on.

The limit of etheric sight when looking through solid matter appears to be analogous to that imposed upon us when looking through water or mist. We cannot see beyond a certain distance, because the medium through which we are looking is not perfectly transparent.