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Here you will find details of Psychics offering readings in West London Bloomsbury – Holborn – Covent Garden – Seven Dials – Soho – Fitzrovia – Westminster – Marylebone – Mayfair – St. James’s –

Click —->Psychic Readings in West London to find psychic mediums offering readings online, by phone or email. Phone readings will of course be easiest if they are not local to you. Psychic email readings may be offered but please bear in mind that not every psychic will be a born touch-typer and not all psychics are happy working for free or small amounts. They may feel they need to charge more if an email takes a long time to type. Make sure you know what you are paying for when you order your reading.


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It is my personal belief that nothing that comes from Spirit is meant to harm or alarm us. If your psychic reading contains messages of doom, sickness, death or misery, then please first question the validity of the psychic that gave you the reading. If in any doubt, please feel free to contact me. Please also see: Psychic Reading Online on our sister site Readings4U.

Mediums Offering Readings in West London

No mediums offering readings in these locations yet: Bloomsbury – Holborn – Covent Garden – Seven Dials – Soho – Fitzrovia – Westminster – Marylebone – Mayfair – St. James’s –

If you are offering psychic readings or know of a psychic in any of these areas, please let us know.

Past this point is some interesting stuff on the subject of clairvoyance from Charles W Leadbeater. I don’t agree with everything he has to say about psychics but who am I to say what is true and what isn’t! – AND a few interesting quotes will fill the space until more psychics start advertising their readings here.

In the case of another subdivision of them the solitary case has been the seeing of the an apparition most commonly of some friend or relative at the point of death. Two possibilities are then offered for our choice, and in each of them the strong wish of the dying man is the impelling force. That force may have enabled him to materialize himself for a moment, in which case of course no clairvoyance was needed; or more probably it may have acted mesmerically upon the percipient, and momentarily dulled his psychic and stimulated his higher sensitiveness. In either case the vision is the product of the emergency and is not repeated simply because the necessary conditions are not repeated.

The little book went on to argue logically enough that God, being almighty, must possess the wonderful power of sight which we have been postulating for our observed; and further, that being omnipresent, He must be at each of the stations which we mentioned, and also at every intermediate point, not successively but simultaneously. Granting these premises, the inevitable deduction follows that everything which has ever happened from the very beginning of the world must be at this very moment taking place before the eye of God-not a mere memory of it, but the actual occurrence itself being under His observation.

You are now aware of the power that you have to create your preferred reality, on a moment by moment basis.  If you do not take responsibility for your own words, thoughts and actions, then who can?  Think positive, speak positive, act positive and be positive.  Never underestimate the enormous power of your own words, thoughts and deeds.  Love is the essence of creation.  It is what is holding the fabric of reality together and it is time to fully align with it.  It resides in your centre.  Locate it, unveil it, BE IT and share it NOW!

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Bloomsbury – Holborn – Covent Garden – Seven Dials – Soho – Fitzrovia – Westminster – Marylebone – Mayfair – St. James’s –

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More from Charles:

The possession of this extraordinary and scarcely expressible power, then, must always be borne in mind through all that follows. It lays every point in the interior of every solid body absolutely open to the gaze of the seer, just as every point in the interior of a circle lies open to the gaze of a man looking down upon it.

But even this is by no means all that it gives to its possessor. He see not only the inside as well as the outside of every object, but also its astral counterpart. Every atom and molecule of psychic matter has its corresponding astral atoms and molecules, and the mass which is built up out of these is clearly visible to our clairvoyant. Usually the psychic part of any object projects somewhat beyond the psychic part of it, and thus metals, stones and other things are seen surrounded by an astral aura.

But besides and beyond all this we know that man possesses an astral and a mental body, each of which can in process of time be aroused into activity, and will respond in turn to the vibrations of the matter of its own reading, thus opening up before the Ego, as he learns to function through these vehicles, two entirely new and far wider worlds of knowledge and power. Now these new worlds, though they are all around us and freely interpenetrate one another, are not to be thought of as distinct and entirely unconnected in substance, but rather as melting the one into the other, the lowest astral forming a direct series with the highest psychic, just as the lowest mental in its turn forms a direct series with the highest astral. We are not called upon in thinking of them to imagine some new and strange kind of matter, but simply to think of the ordinary psychic kind as subdivided so very much more finely and vibrating so very much more rapidly as to introduce us to what are practically entirely new conditions and qualities.