Instant Angel Love Reading

Select one card then click it once it turns over. Click to shuffle the cards Guide for Beginners: Begin by focusing on a specific question Clear your mind of all daily trivia When your mind is clear, pick a card. Look at the given meanings. Do any of these relate to your current love life? READ MORE

Angel for the Day

Select one card then click it once it turns over. Click to shuffle the cards There are many different types of Angels on the Other Side so when your Spirit Guide sees that you are in need (if you have not asked for them already), they will call in Angels. They know which Angels to READ MORE

Past Life Angel Reading

This past life angel reading draws your angels close and asks that an angel connects with you to bring energies and insights that connect with past incarnations your last incarnation and one of your previous incarnations.  In addition we ask that an angel comes forward to assist with your current incarnation to give guidance on READ MORE

Daily Angel Affirmations

What are Affirmations? The Angelic Realm will bring thoughts and affirmations for you today.  They will appear here when you click to shuffle the cards.  You do NOT have to choose a card if all you want is the daily affirmations.  If you choose to click a card for a daily angel reading then it READ MORE

Free Angel Love Reading

Angel Love Reading Card Strength/Reversed Cards      What are Affirmations? Do you want help from the angels with your Love Life? The cards are shuffled Choose 3 cards at random, first for the past, 2nd for the present and third for the future. These angels represent the weeks (or days/months) guidance with your love READ MORE