Spirit Guide Books


Our awareness of Unity Consciousness or Oneness, our own inter-connectedness with all things, dims soon after birth.  Our challenge in this life is to rediscover that connection.  If we choose to expand our consciousness and explore our spirituality during our lifetime here, we may rejoin with unconditional love and in doing so become enlightened.  It is entirely up to us; nothing can prevent this experience.


In contemporary Western society this really has become a challenge, with little or no infrastructure to support an individual’s spiritual growth and lots of materialistic distractions which lead one away from spiritual pursuits.  Gone is the intimate village environment, with local shaman, healer, priest or priestess, to observe and guide you on your way.  Gone are the ancient Earth honoring rituals that reminded us of our interdependence with the seasons, other creatures, other Spirit Beings and our host Earth.  Gone too are the ancient Mystery Schools with priests and priestesses trained and initiated into the esoteric arts of metaphysics.  However, each and every one of us has the innate ability to rediscover our own Divinity, remember and embody the special abilities we developed here in previous lives.

When our bodies die our spirit or consciousness leaves our bodies and is assisted with its transit through the lower astral or fourth dimension to the fifth dimension, a place so full of love and light it fits well the Christian description of Heaven.

In this place we undergo a life review and are counseled by more evolved spirits as to how we can best pursue our chosen path of growth.  This could be by returning to Earth as a spirit guide, or more usually by reincarnating again onto Earth to experience third dimensional being, thus helping us enhance our understanding of how to balance physicality with spirituality, understand more about love and separation from it and so further evolve as spirits.  Many people make this death transition with ease, having become spiritually aware during their lives, or being such pure and open souls that they do not fear death or are not overly attached to the third dimension and the pleasures of the flesh.  When the spirit leaves the dying body it is assisted with the transition to the fifth dimension by loving friends and relatives who are also no longer living in bodies and are pure spirit.  Providing the spirit of the dying person is willing, then he or she is helped through the fourth dimension and into the fifth.


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