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Past life recall according to Raym

The aim of this exercise is to gently take you back to the time before you were born, year by year. Having asked for help and guidance in the appropriate way, we trust that whatever images, visions or dreams that present themselves are appropriate. Please dismiss nothing that comes into your mind as fantasy. You have set the stage and given yourself permission to release the memory – so please trust it.


Allow plenty of time, as you may drift off into sleep during this exercise. If you do, the dreams you have will be relevant. Lie down in a comfortable, quiet place and relax.

Allow yourself to float in a bubble of soft pink light, supported and embraced by it, drifting. At all times you are connected to the Divine via the column of golden white light above you. It surrounds the bubble you are in. Call on your Spiritual guides, teachers and friends and ask them to help with this process. Clearly state your intention, provided it be for your Divine highest good, to experience an incident or incidents from past lives that are relevant to your plan for this life.

Now you may gently lead yourself back through your own life counting back year by year allowing memories to surface and observing them pass by. After you reach zero you may say “in the womb” and then “before then.” Some memories might bring up surprisingly intense emotions.

You should release these emotions and thank them for helping you grow. Should you become “stuck” at a particular incident, you may promise yourself that you will attend to that situation with an experienced healer and allow yourself to relax, discontinuing the exercise.

Allow images and feelings to surface as you gently explore the time before your birth.  Earth was created so that we could enrich our spirit’s journey and learn to co-create, living in harmony with the rest of creation. We have the ability to create Heaven on Earth now.  We reincarnate on planet Earth repeatedly. Our ultimate goal when living in a body is to reach enlightenment or a permanent and conscious embodiment of unconditional love and of who we are, as aspects of All There Is.

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