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The Aura is the energy field of the life-force and appears to mediums and those with clairvoyant vision as a fibrous light that surrounds living things. This ethereal light emanation also surrounds us and extends from two to three feet in all directions from the body. The colours of the aura are a good indicator of a person’s disposition, health and spirituality. The Aura is many coloured and flows and moves with you, changing colour with your moods, feelings and spiritual condition.


Everything in the Universe seems to be just a vibration. Every atom, every part of an atom, every electron, every elementary “particle”, even our thoughts and consciousness are just vibrations. Hence, we may define the Aura as a electro-photonic vibration response of an object to some external excitation (such as an ambient light for example). This definition is sufficient for the purpose of reading Auras, providing that we can train ourselves to see the Aura vibration.

The human body emits a sort of field, made out of certain radiations, including, heat and weak electromagnetic signals, coming from the electrical activity of the nerves. It also produces chemical emanations, like the corporal scent and some sound waves. Some paranormalists assure us that these emissions are the basis of the aura; nevertheless, they do not explain the reason of its total invisibility, and the fact that only certain people, with some type of mental powers, can perceive them. In fact, the seers never agree about the nature and characteristics of the aura that they claim to observe, with the same individual at the same moment.


Chakras are spinning energy centers or vortices within the aura and close to the body. The seven chakras closest to the body are situated at the crown (top of head), the third eye (centre of forehead, just above the eyes), the throat, the heart (centre of chest), the solar plexus, the navel, and the sex (pubic bone), there are also chakras at the rear of those mentioned. Each one relates to different aspects of the etheric body. They are real and tangible.

The most commonly used term for these energy centres is Asian or Indian in origin, however knowledge of these centres was not confined to the East. The Ancient Celts and Druids referred to these centres as the seven seals, and initiates knew how to diagnose and treat illnesses through chakra awareness.


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