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Spirit guides and angels according to Raym

The spiritual hierarchy extends “above” and “below” the ascended masters. Below the ascended masters are your loving spirit friends who do not need to incarnate here at this time but who can enrich their own experience of life here by assisting individuals who are in bodies. These friends have often known us in previous lives and may occasionally be grandparents from this life who are no longer living on this plane. All guides love us very much indeed and are not attached to outcomes here. They help in planning our blueprint and volunteer to monitor our life’s progress and to help us, if we will allow them to, when we become aware of their presence.


These friends are generally referred to as spirit guides. Every human being on this planet has spirit guides. True spirit guides are always positive, loving, selfless and focused on the divine highest good of their friend on this third dimensional plane. Any being that presents as a spirit guide and is not totally positive, loving and selfless is not a guide. Each person has several guides, sometimes many. They may include a spouse or relative from a past life. Often people have a Native American guide, not because it is trendy, but because these people were and are a very spiritual race and many have reincarnated again at this time.

So it is natural that their friends should help them out.

Above the ascended masters there are many levels of consciousness, one of which is the angelic realm. The beings who reside here are love. They have never needed to experience the density of being human. They have not incarnated on this plane, but nonetheless love us and this planet. They, like the ascended masters, have particular responsibilities and work in particular areas of awareness. Every human being has an angel watching over their development. The laws of the universe prohibit their interference in our affairs unless requested. So ASK for help when you need it.

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